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What Our Customers Have To Say


Thanks once more for the wonderful restoration of the Marigaux, it is beautiful.  I have played constantly since receiving this work of art, and am inspired daily by texture of its tone.  On these warm, early Spring days I open the doors and windows to the house, let the breeze blow thru, and let the Marigaux’s sound fill the air.  The neighbors slam their doors and windows, the cats run for cover, but I know it’s not how well you play it’s how good it makes you feel.  Much gratitude for the good feelings!  –Kent Hardin, Memphis, February 2017


I have used Onks Woodwind Specialists for several years.  I find their work to be superior to others.. nothing is missed and they know what to do exactly without calls.. they have done upgrades of 2 oboes to be sold and more work on adjustments on a new oboe.  They do this to perfection.  I will stay with them for the rest of the days.  Their fees are very reasonable and they are quick with the repairs.  –Don Mattison, Oboist Wheaton Symphony Orchestra, Illinois, January  2017



Hi, Jason— I got in to my studio today, and after my usual warmups, experienced what might be called a “culture shock” in my playing. I think I was very accurate when yesterday I said my oboe didn’t even play this well when it was new. I am now able to do the things, and make the music I’ve been wanting to make all along, thanks to your wonderful and careful work. The sound is darker and more focused. I can’t wait to get my accompanist’s reaction at tomorrow’s rehearsal. Sincerely, Gary  –Gary Parks, Former Washington D.C. Air Force Band Oboist, Huntsville, AL, October 2016


Jason just brought my F-series Loree bass oboe back to life!  It was barely playable before, but after Jason worked his magic it sounds marvelous and feels great.  Jason has now serviced our 3 oboes, oboe d’amore, 2 english horns and bass oboe, and he does incredible work!  Marcie Kneisley & John Shepherd, Scottsdale, AZ


Mr. Onks,  Good morning! I just wanted to send you a note of my sincerest gratitude!  I have been playing my Laubin English horn for two weeks and amazed at the tremendous amount of work you put into this overhaul – it truly plays as good as it looks!  I “thought” when I bought this vintage instrument that it played well, but after you worked your magic, the instrument responds so quickly, mechanism feels better than new, and quite frankly, handles like a fine sports car!  I can’t thank you enough – you definitely have a loyal customer! Kindest Regards,  Brian Briones, Houston Texas, June 2016.


Jason Onks’s meticulous attention to detail in restoring an old oboe top joint of mine is astounding. Despite its age, the instrument now looks and sounds new! In addition to being a first class craftsman, Jason kindly kept me updated about the progress of the repair, which was much appreciated. I recommend Jason’s work without reservation.  – Nicholas Stovall, Principal Oboe National Symphony Orchestra, Washington, DC; August 2015.


Thank you so much for all of the work you did on my oboe! The g is perfectly in tune now and everything feels great! I did a senior project where I shadowed and worked under the supervision of an instrument repairman at a Denver music store and it gives me a deeper appreciation for the quality work that you did on my instrument!  -Hannah Harm, June 2015


Dear Jason,  I would like to say thank you for all your assistance, support, great work, friendship, dedication and most of all, the love that you put into your work.  All the oboes that you have served from Fundación Frances Colón, Inc are working incredibly well for all the kids that need an oboe in Puerto Rico!  Thank you soooo much for being so supportive in this amazing life mission of giving each child an “oboe voice”.  It is beautiful to see their faces when they receive the serviced oboes wrapped and all, just like a gift of love, an oboe…. A dream come true for kids eager to play the oboe.  We need more people like you in the world…. Keep up the great work!  Blessings,  Frances Colón, Principal Oboist, Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Oboe Professor, Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, Executive Director, Fundación Frances Colón, Inc.  www.francescolon.org, June 2015


Hi Jason,  Thanks so much for doing such a fabulous job on the Oboe D’Amore and the student oboe! They pretty much play themselves!!! I can’t be happier and I am for sure going to find a way to send you all the instruments around here. Feel free to put this on your customer reviews, although I see you really don’t need anymore great reviews. How inspiring it is to see people that are so good at what they do!”  -Nermis Mieses, Bowling Green State University, May 2015


“Jason, thank you so much for doing such a fast, detailed, and incredible repair on my oboe. It looks and feels brand new and hasn’t played this well in years. I could not be more satisfied and thrilled at the results of your repair.”  -Kaila DeLany, Eastman School of Music, January 2015


“Thanks, Jason, Jonathan, and Keith, for always serving your customers with sincerity, respect and tireless attention to detail.  My clarinets always play better-than-new after they have been “Onks-ed”!” -Todd Waldecker, Clarinet Professor MTSU, December 2014


“Jason, thank you for doing such a wonderful job servicing my instrument.  I think this is the best my English horn has played in the entire time I have owned it! The keys no longer click, and your adaptation has enabled me to play C#, which I have not been able to do well since my accident.  Bravo!” -Margo Zusman, New York, November 2014


“I need to send a special thanks to Jonathan Copeland for his excellent work on my bass clarinet – no more tape, waterlogged pads, or leaks in critical spots. In fact, no more leaks at all! It plays better than it did when it was new. And it withstood the 14-hour opening day for the national tour of Chicago here today. I appreciate the pride he takes in his work. (Any missed notes were entirely attributable to operator error.)”  -Randy Ford, Tennessee, October 2014  (Copied from Facebook post)


“Jason, I can’t thank you enough for the effort you put into restoring my oboe.  From having the confidence in being able to fix it, to going the extra mile to find someone to make the missing keys, I am so grateful.  You were able to accomplish in a few short months what two others were unable or unwilling to do in fourteen years!  I look forward to many more performances on my oboe with renewed spirit and enthusiasm.  Thank you!”  -Bill Ackerman, South Carolina, August 2014


“I am extremely impressed with Jonathan Copeland’s work from Onks Woodwind Specialist. They represent the best combination of the work ethics and integrity one can find! I would recommend them to all levels of players.”  -Sasha Potiomkin, Bass clarinetist/clarinetist, Houston Symphony Orchestra, May 2014


“After working with Hannah Selznick for quite a while, I went with her high recommendation to get my oboe and English Horn repaired with Jason Onks.  He is a wonder!  My instruments came back working and looking brand new.  It had been several years since any service had been done on my horns, and I’m so glad to have sent them to Jason.  The care and quality that went into his work is over and above what a typical repairman would do.  It was done in a timely fashion and my instruments felt amazing!  Thanks Jason for working on my oboes and it will be hard to find anyone else with such a high level of workmanship.”  -Nik Flickinger, Oboist, Phoenix, May 2014,  www.obonik.com


“I have appreciated Jason’s excellent repair work and meticulous attention to detail since 2008.  After leaving my instruments for a thorough cleaning and adjustment they feel brand new again.  During my time in the shop he is willing to answer questions and incorporate special preferences regarding adjustments.  I always come away from Jason’s shop with a better understanding of oboe maintenance and repair.”  -Leanna Booze, Oboist, Arkansas Symphony, April 2014


OH WoW guys, just unpacked my clarinet from Jonathan’s excellent cleaning/rod repair/pad & cork replacement/key regulating and overall rejuvenation! Whew, I don’t think my old faithful R13 has EVER played this nicely. I can hardly believe how smooth the F/C + E/B levers feel in register transition! Well done, gentlemen. Many thanks for super service.  -Monique Gatton, Georgia, April 2014


The oboe plays SO well now. These repairs were much needed. Thank you very very much!  -Vanessa Bliley, Washington, March 2014


Jason Onks at Onks Woodwind Specialist is a skilled, kind, and speedy professional. My oboe was back to me in less then 2 weeks!  The extensive cracks are so pristinely fixed that you have to know exactly where they were in order to see the pins.  Jason’s thorough cleaning also gave new life to my oboes response and tone. I will not be sending it anywhere else but Onks Woodwind Specialist.   -Mitchell Rollins, Kentucky, March 2014


“Wow! It’s great, Jason! Not only does it LOOK beautiful, but it also is giving me the best blend I’ve had in my section.Key action feels great too!”  -Trevor Johnson, Oboist Louisville Symphony, January 2014


Dear Jason,  I continue to find great things about the repadding (and re-adjusting) of my Yamaha CSG-H you and Jonathan executed last month.   Not only was the installation of the pads first rate but you took the time to make the spring tension responses wonderfully intuitive, and you attended to a few special requests with regard to the mechanism.   The “special requests” were the best part of the work you did.  It is a rare find to have a true artisan adjust their work to order rather than insist on one “ideal way” to get the job done.  I’m sure we’ll cross paths again in the future.  Thanks again for resurrecting my clarinet and making it play better than the day I bought it………..yours truly,  -Paul Aviles, U.S. Army Band, December 2013


“Jonathan is an exceptionally dedicated repair person and caring individual. Working with him on a regular basis grants me and my students a great deal of reliability and confidence needed to perfect our artistry.”  – Wonkak Kim, Professor of Clarinet at TN Tech


“Jonathan is absolutely meticulous about all aspects of repairing clarinets and bass clarinets. He evaluates every aspect of the instrument to make it play at its best. The instruments truly feel amazing.” – John Cipolla, Professor of Clarinet at Western Kentucky University


Jason is just one in a million. He does amazing work with integrity, knowledge and care. Even the way the instrument is returned is a testimony to how much he cares to maintain his impeccable standards in attention to detail. But the topper is the fact that he has old school standards in customer service and humanity. What goes around comes around and Jason deserves to have the most succesful business in the world for the kind of human being he is.  –Cindra Marshall, 2-9-13


Jason was highly recommended to me. I had jammed a swab in one oboe and some keys were locking up on another oboe. He resolved the swab issue in a couple minutes and I had the privilege of watching him work on the other oboe. His attention to detail was amazing and the keys work great. I would recommend him to anyone needing work on an oboe.  –Tony, 11-6-12


Jason has been servicing my two oboes and one Eh for long time. He is the only person who I would allow to touch my instruments. And also anytime I call him it takes time and in answering my concerns. I had a rush repair job on my Loree that I needed taken care of asp and he assisted me.  I recommend him to anyone.  –Homer Adams, 10-6-12


I am so pleased with the work Jonathan did on my clarinet. He was very thorough and my instrument is playing so much better. All communications both email and phone were handled promptly and professionally. He now has my second clarinet, and I am sure I will be just as pleased. Thanks so much!  –Phyllis Hubbard, 2-3-12


Jason is great! Highly recommended. He’s very thorough, very skilled, and a great person to top it all off. I trust Jason with all my oboes’ regular maintenance, it’s a great luxury to have such a great repair person so close to home.  –Jared Hauser, Oboe Professor Vanderbilt University, 5-20-11


Jason is highly recommended.  He is extremely knowledgeable. He has taken care of our son’s oboe for 4 year, does excellent work, and provides great customer service. He has made “emergency” repairs with no notice and annual services that were pre-scheduled. He is easy to work with, listens, his fees are reasonable, and shipping is easy as well.  –Chris Martin, 5-6-11


Jason fixed my oboe and it plays better than it has since I bought it. He listened to my specific complaints and addressed them completely. Thank you so much, Jason.  –Rebecca Vandeven, 5-6-11


We can not praise Jason enough. He knows our oboe as if it were his own and as the only one who always returns it to “like new” operating condition. He also serves us as if we were his number one priority with expedient turnaround and shipping, and reasonable pricing.  –Jim Burns, 5-6-11


I have Jason do all my work and all my student’s work. I am totally satisfied and the quality of Jason’s work has gone from extremely good initially to outstanding in the years he has been in business. I like that I can ship my instruments without paying insurance and that he sticks to his schedule. Jason is always willing to take extra time to answer odd questions about repairs and is a good steward to the oboe community.  –Henry Grabb, Oboe Professor West Chester University, 5-6-11


Jason has been taking care of my two oboes and English Horn. We all know how both instruments can get out of adjustment and needs someone who can take the instruments and make it like new and he does that. Also he makes sure that you as a client is satisfied.  –Homer Adams, 5-6-11