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Post 43: Contras and Basses can put you through your paces…

Have you ever been frustrated trying to play your bass clarinet?  Contra bass clarinet?  These instruments can add an amazing timbre to your school’s band or orchestra if they are in playing condition.  If they are not in playing condition, they might as well be a paper weight or paperclip.

Here at Onks Woodwind we only work on clarinets and oboes.  The longer we do this, the more we feel that oboes and bass clarinets are the same, at least regarding their mechanisms. Have you ever had a Bb clarinet with several leaky pads or a bent key?  If so, you probably were able to continue playing that clarinet even though it wasn’t in tip top shape.  Bass clarinets, on the other hand, are not so forgiving.  Due to the complex mechanism of basses, contras, and oboes, you can have one pad leak or one key bent and the whole instrument will stop responding.

At Onks Woodwind we encourage all wind players to have annual maintenance, but it is essential if you play bass clarinet, contra clarinet, or oboe and English Horn.  This is what we specialize in and would be honored to maintain your clarinet or oboe today.  Contact us today to schedule your instrument maintenance!



Jonathan still smiling after working on this Leblanc “Paperclip” Contra!

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