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Post 41: Meeting Tom Hiniker

Onks Woodwind went on the road.  Jason and Keith took an educational trip to Rochester, Minnesota where the famous Tom Hiniker lives and works.  Tom not only can repair an oboe, but is mainly known for the oboes that he builds.  Yes, Tom Hiniker builds oboes!  He is one of a small handful of people that make oboes on a small scale in the United States. Driving by his house you would never imagine that a world class oboe maker lives and works there.  There are no signs or any other indicators that would suggest oboe awesomeness is taking place at that location.  

Not only is Tom awesome at making oboes, but he is extremely humble and generous.  Tom spoke with Jason and Keith all day long about oboe making and repair.  Jason and Keith came away with some great tips and ideas to better serve you, our Onks Woodwind clients.  The great motivator Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones once said, “In five years you will be the same except for the people you meet and the books you read.”  Jason and Keith are definitely better off for meeting Mr. Tom Hiniker and we look forward to serving you even better because of our experience.

If you are interested in one of Tom Hiniker’s oboes, well you should call him and get on the list.  His oboes are in high demand and at the time of this trip he had about 90 people on the list.  Translated, that’s at least a 10 year wait, but it’s worth the wait!

Tom Hiniker

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